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How can I improve?

So I just ended up moving to PowerUpHosting today having the specs 2 GB RAM, 70 GB HDD and 1 X 3.35 GHz CPU.

These are the speedtest results from the VPS:

I'm having 100 MBPS default port.

So, are you guys (those who use poweruphosting) getting around the same speed for the 100 MBPS port plan? I think LPM is greatly dependent on this other than number of CPUs?

Would the $10 upgrade to 1 GBPS port do any good?

I'm slowly approaching towards an LPM of 30 (continuously sinking down, was 40 a while ago).

So, what will matter most to max out the LPM? Number of CPUs/RAM or would upgrading to 1 GBPS port do any good?

Thank you.
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