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CPU Usage vs Memory

I recently have a hard time with SER, but due of home pc issues i didnt had time to digg into it either, however after i now sorted most of the things out, i was getting back to my SER work,

so (correct me if i am wrong) No. of Threads affects more the Memory Usage, No. of Active Projects affects the CPU Usage? right?

most of my problems started when my VPS needed to put me on new Server cause of some internal moving they did so i basically blamed the not really working behavior on my VPS mostly,

Specs are:
2 Core Xeon 3.1 GHz

However i tried SER now on my home PC which is a
i5 Quad 3.8 Ghz

and had the very same issues with SER, that it had 99% CPU usage, on only 100 Threads, with 10 Active Projects .... i mean before the VPS move i was running a easy Scheduler with 20-30 Projects, and 240 Threads with no issues at all (cant recall SER version anymore thou)

So far i figured that the CPU usage with even only 1 Active project is 99% those days (version 6.23) The Threads is set to 100, even thou SER reports only 19 are running atm. When i click on a Active Project to stop it, it says forever Stopping but it never stops. Even pressing the Big Main STOP Button dont seem to have any real effects. After some time, the projects are not highlighted anymore in the project tree, even the log file reports as the projects have been stopped, but Threads Counter is still running something but whatever it does, it doesnt show in the logfile window.

I also followed the advice from Ozz and deleted a quite a lot projects which where not actively running, (backed them up, but removed from within SER). The only thing i havent tried yet is uninstalling Indexer, even thou its not running same time, some people reported that uninstalling the indexer did help for them.

Any more input on what else i could try will be welcome




  • Are you taking CPU usage from task manager -> resource monitor or from bottom of SER window?
  • CPU is the same from task manager and from SER, only memory is different
  • With my set up, CPU is always about 99% in SER, but rarely gets above 50% on Resource Monitor and that's with 300 threads and about 40 projects
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