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Alive Proxy Service

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Proxy List Update (every 30 Minutes)


Alive Proxy tested agains Bing with a maximum timeout of 5 seconds


Alive Proxy tested agains Google(Google Working Proxies) with a maximum timeout of 5 seconds


Current Plans:
1.Single Instance - 1 IP allowed for API and XRumer Proxyc for 14.99$/M
2.Multiple Instances - Multiple IPs allowed for API and XRumer Proxyc for 24.99$/m

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  • davbeldavbel UK
    edited July 2013
    Has anyone else used this?
    Are these just slightly better versions of normal public proxies?
  • All china proxies.

    It is my experience china ips/proxies are not able to scrape google (they pass test but cannot scrape).
  • @davbel We curently have a lot of customers happy with our service, check seosunite

    @jpvr90 They work perfectly, a little test with GScraper using our proxies, as you can see the average speed was ~44.000 urls/minute

  • I test them in Gsraper only, 
    3M results per day (15000 keywords) they seem to do the job.
    Never tested them with SER but maybe i will give it a go. 
    Also never used their API, but i will give it a test don't know how often they update.

  • @strovolo I'd be interested in what you find from testing in SER as I'm doing the same
  • @strovolo Please do test them with SER for at least 24hrs and report back. I'm interested whether they'll work with SER at all or not.
  • davbeldavbel UK
    edited July 2013
    @username they work, but they are slightly better versions of public proxies, so are no where near as fast as private.

    So far I've been able to get 2x LPM with 20 semi private proxies at 200 threads than I have with Rightproxy IPs at 500 threads.

    The only issue is that the semi private proxies are getting burnt a lot sooner than they used to...

  • 2 Annual Subscriptions available:

    120$ - 1 Year with Single IP Instance
    220$ - 1 Year with Multiple IP Instances

    PM For more details
  • are we supposed to just plug the API url into the add/edit proxy sites field in GSA SER and only check the rightproxy source and uncheck all the others?
  • CecilDee Yes, as i've told you in the PM, if you want rightProxy to be the only proxy service just uncheck the other sources.

    For any issue please contact us by email at contact[at@]
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