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Spun Content Question

My question is how does gsa use the spun content? I assume it uses the sentences/phrases/words randomly. I have a super spun article that I want to use for web 2's and articles too, do I need two separate articles spun? 

If I put the same article in the "body field" for an article and a web 2 submission, will it spin them the same way? I have spun the article very well and it took a little while to do. If I have to spin separate articles for each type of submission, then I don't want to spend so much time spinning, seeing as how it will post to only so many platforms of each.

I know I can post to the same platforms for each type of submission (article directories and web 2's), but only want 5-10 links from each one, because the link juice will not pack as much "punch" after so many links.... Am I right?

Any feedback is greatly appreciated.


  • use the TEST button.
  • I see what you mean, I guess there is always a chance.... Just a numbers game really. Does anyone use the same spun article for web 2's, articles and such?
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