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Willing to Pay for someone to setup my GSA in the most efficient way

Hello everyone, i run GSA on a VPS with about 30 proxies, i have followed many guides on here but i seem to be getting hardly any links created.

How many verified links should it be creating for say, 1 project? i get about 1 an hour. 

The processor sits at around 1%, i also get ip block messages

As the title says, I am willing to Pay for someone to setup my GSA in the most efficient way (someone that has experience in doing so of course)




  • just post your settings and the community will do it for free. take pictures of every setting page, project page and tab, and open a new thread.
  • thank you, will do
  • We wait to post your setings here.
  • thanks Guys, i have had someone remote onto my VPS and take a look, it is now running at speed producing 40Lpm. There were quite a few settings i had wrong but i think the main issue was the proxies i was using.

    I have now bought 20 semi-dedicated ones and it seems to be working well.
  • What campaigns did you make on the website?
  • Sorry on1x1, What campaigns on what website? I have only 1 campaign running at the moment
  • most of the results you see on this forum about 240LPMs and 300k submissions a day is from running more then 1 campaign.

    Take with a grain of salt, run more campaigns.
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