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Askmebot down?

Getting an unknown error on testing and in logs "No reply from AskMeBot".

Anyone else having the same?


  • I've gotten that several times, and If you use a vpn, they'll suspend your account. I was using HMA pro's VPN and having my ip change every 20 minutes... saves me from having to buy proxies :) Still, I have a ticket open with them asking them about the vpn i'm using and the fact I have it change ip's every 20 minutes.  

    But to answer your question, yes, I've had the same thing happen before, "no reply from askmebot" ... after about 4 hrs or they fixed it...    I'm still running into my vpn issue though..

  • I'm not running any VPN...
  • I can't get my ser to even run now.. as soon as I start my campaign, it shuts down almost immediately. I took CB out of the picture by filling out my own captchas, and still..... running into the problem.

    What version of CB and SER are you running?

  • Latest. 6.22. And 1.99 for CB. Still getting same error on AskMeBot.
  • well, submit a ticket with askmebot, that's what I did, and they fixed it for me
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