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Anyone having GSA SER 6.22 shut down on them around 45 seconds? Even .old is doing the same thing!

I have no idea what's going on... is the reason why SER is shutting down is because of a CB update? All I know is my cpu is running at no more then 40% and my ram is at 98-128mb (gsa ser program stats) ....  This happened to me last night, and again today....  I can't run the .old and it fix the problem either!...   I'm at a loss, I'm stuck and broke down for the time being...   Anyone having the same issue???


  • I forgot to mention, I'm getting an "error in application" message, and it stuck on the window where I can select bug report, so I just restarted the application and did a bug report through help. Keep in mind, I didn't start my campaign when I restarted the program, I just went to help and send bug report. I hope the program doesn't have to be (at that very moment) conflicted so it will send the current problem, because I can't send it when it does! it just freezes....
  • Does not happen for me (at least yet). I'm on latest version of CB and SER, both.
  • oh great... and sven's gone on break....   Know anyone that might be able to assist me? talk about horrible timing... I was just getting the hang of gsa ser, and was going to offer my services...  $hit....

    If there's anyone that you know of that could lend a helping hand Pratik, I'd SURE appreciate it!!!

  • I wish I would of kept 6.18 after he fixed the memory leak.. UGhhh..
  • Trevor_BanduraTrevor_Bandura 267,647 NEW GSA SER Verified List
    Try re-starting your computer. You never know.

    For me, doing that even helps my LPM to go up.
  • Thanks Trevor... but that didn't work. :)  I'm an IT guy on top of a internet marketer/seo guy. That's the first thing I tried...   But thanks for the reply man! I guess I'll just have to wait for Sven to get back. So far, I've put CB back to 1.97 and it seems to be working! ... So I'm not dead in the water. :)

    Thanks again for the reply!

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