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What Do These Errors Mean?

I get alot of these verification errors message in the log. What do they mean?

23:29:37: [ ] E-Mail Verification finished.
23:29:37: [ ] Verifying finished (2 checks done)
23:29:51: [ ] Verifying links...
23:29:52: [-]  93% Verification of General Blogs not successful -
23:29:52: [-]  93% Verification of KeywordLuv not successful -
23:29:58: [ ] Project on pause for 29 more minutes as 10 submissions have been reached.
23:29:59: [-]  42% Verification of BellaBook not successful -
23:30:00: [-]  75% Verification of UCenter not successful -
23:30:00: [ ] Verifying links...
23:30:01: [-] Error logging in to your pop3 server:
23:30:01: [ ] E-Mail Verification finished.


  • Gsa is checking if your url appears on the websites you submitted to.

    In your case, it's not successful for some of them, which can be due to the blog being moderated or gsa failing somehow.

  • So do you know I can do to fix this?

  • edited June 2013
    Here are the 3 possibilities :

    -Blog moderated so your link won't appear unless it's validated by an admin
    -The page where you posted has been pushed down the results because of other comments (guestbooks do that)
    -Gsa failed to post because it didn't find any suitable form, the site isn't working or other missing parameters.

    In your case that's a mix of the three for what you showed us. I would advise you not to bother much as it's not a big issue, that just happens sometimes. 

    Also make sure your email is properly setup (Correct email,password and pop3 server working), it seems gsa failed to log in your email account.
  • Yes. All tiered projects e-mails I've tested and work. The only thing is I use only 1 e-mail address generated by Super HAC in 1 project. I think I need to add mre e-mail addresses but not sure.
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    Ya there is a problem when its trying to login to your email via pop 3. (as shown in the log)

    I run different emails for different projects and it works great for me.
  • But I tested all the e-mail address in SER and they test OK. But each tiered project has only 1 e-mail address defined for the project. Should I create more e-mails and added them to all tiered projects? How many do you think I need?
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