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Too much time spent verifying submitted links

I get 1 to 2 GSA SER updates per day and update just fine.

However when I restart the projects the program goes through 30,000 to 50,000 to 80,000 old submitted links and finds maybe 1% to become verified.

This takes 5+ hours and is killing me.

I need to get rid of those links somehow.

If a submitted link is not verified in 1 day I need to get rid of it.



  • You can use verify custom 1440 min, and remove link after 1st verification.
  • Thank you.....thank you.....thank you.....
  • ronron

    Assuming you are talking about your junk tiers...I just disable verification. Then once a week or so I run a manual verification. When you do that you can turn the threads up way high. I like 500-600 threads. You'll blow through 80,000 links in no time.

  • Thanks for the tip, I'll give that a try too..
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