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Anyone Know how to Get Captcha Breaker to Work with Super HAC?

Someone else in the forum got this to work. This is what I tried (below) and still no accounts are getting created. I don't want to pay any more money to my dechaptcha service.

In CB Options:

Run as Web Server checkbox checked
Listen on Port 80

Simulate the following captcha services checkbox checked
DeCapture checkbox checked
Enabled Hotmail captcha solving (under email category in CB)

Super HAC:

Add Decaptcher as captcha service.
   Decaptcher Account Information (I just added a dummy name, dummy password. The domain name was set to I set the port to 80)

Set Captcha retries to 40
Set Total Retries to 600

Also, I added my private proxies in Super HAC


  •  a month ago, im already request this on superhac admin, but until now.. he not yet complished it
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