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Useful auto-select advanced SEs

edited August 2012 in Feature Requests
I would be damn great if it would be possible to select all search engines which support advanced syntax like inurl and site with "one click". If search only for urls or search site lists are used, it really sucks to select the wanted search engines again and again.

The perfect way would be:

1. Right click into SE, select "advanced SE"
2. Choose Country/Region (which reduces using of Google only to the relevant regions instead of using all Google Sites)
3. Autoselect select only SE with advanced syntax support (or auto-translation of this syntax) of the relevant regions.

This would save a lot time.


  • Activate the S Engines you like to use on your project, the go to Tools->Export->Options and later you can import this into a different project.
  • Thanks for your reply. But my mainpoint isn't exporting ALL options, what I want is exporting selections of SE to use it for "search online for URLs" and "search site lists". This selections can't be saved atm. It would be perfect to have the abbility to save such a selection and choose it in an easy way later or better have an advacned SE selection possibility which includes automatically all SE's (and a selection for the country based) which support the needed syntax.
  • SvenSven

    If you take a look into the se.dat file (the one holding all search engine parameters), you will see that some search engines have a variable like "site=domain:" or just "inurl=inurl:". This tells the program that this searche engines supports this syntax or a similar one.

    Now if your search query has "" in it, the program has a look if the selected search engine has this as support, if it has and it is not "site:" it will change the query. If it does not support it, it just skips the search engine on the progress. 

    So there is no need to select search engines by special syntax as the program will skip those who can't handle it anyway.

  • Thanks a lot for this background information Sven :) This makes completely sense. But there is one question/request open:Ability to save a selection of SE's. It's no problem to search to se.dat, but when I extract the right selection of SE's with the needed syntax, I don't want to select them one by one. It should be possible to save a selection of SE's as a kind of template.
  • SvenSven
    yes ok this can be added for next version
  • Sounds great :) Thanks Sven!
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