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Screen seems to have frozen

When i do a test within GSA SER, it says communication to CB was successful, but CB doesn't actually seem to be doing anything. The log is enabled, yet doesn't update as GSA SER is running and it resolves captchas, and also the status bar at the bottom which displays the number of recognized, avg time etc doesn't update either.


  • edited June 2013
    Thought this was resolved, but it's come back again after re installing both GSA SER and CB
  • SvenSven
    fixed on next version (later today)
  • SEOTeamSEOTeam Madagascar
    After creating a project, I did a back up and I got this notice:"the application is frozen",and nothing can be done, it's totally frozen. How can it be fixed? Thanks  
  • SvenSven
    send the bugreport and I have a look.
  • SEOTeamSEOTeam Madagascar
    Hi, it's ok, I stopped the process and it worked again :) thanks
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