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Best way to do contextual Tier 1?

By default only "Automatically insert your URL at the bottom (else in between article) if required." is selected...

Is this good enough or should "Insert up to 2 random URLs for random words" also be selected?

Another question I have about Tier 1 properties like Web 2.0, Articles, and Social Network Articles is... I noticed that a lot of them end up only being links on a profile-type page instead of a contextual article.  Is this okay for Tier 1 linking directly to moneysite?  Or are they all supposed to be contextual articles?


  • Default Web 2.0 in in SER is no good and waste of resources. An alternative is SERengines by @JAMESE or use some other tools for Web 2.0

    In project setting, tab options, you can tick only Article and Article-Wiki under "Type of Backlinks to create" to try to get only articles and avoid all kinda profile links. 
  • Ok I will try only "Article and Article-Wiki" for Tier 1 and see how that does...
  • What about the URL at bottom and 2 random URLs options?
  • edited June 2013
    1 or 2 random URLs is up to you. I personally don't pay much attention to this.

    There are situations when URLs are not allowed inside the text so you cannot really have links in your text 100% of time. If you want your anchors with URLs inside your articles then make sure that your texts contain those anchors so SER can find them and insert your links. If it can't find a desirable anchor, links will be placed at the bottom.  
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