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How do you register your posts with generated gmail, and have GSA SER read e-mail from a diff addy?

I have the tool G.M.A.I.L. Generator, and I wanted to lessen my footprint.  I know there's a way to make Xrumer register profiles with the 100's of thousands of emails that the G.M.A.I.L. Generator creates, and then you go into the programs root, and change where it reads the emails from.


I want to do that with GSA Search Engine Ranker....   Is there any way at all of doing it??? If not could it get added?

If your not aware....  If you had  the generator I have will put periods in different parts of the gmail, and gmail will recognize it and still send it to the same email. So with 1 email you can actually have like over 250k emails!!!

I want GSA SER to register profiles with those random emails, and read from the aol mail that everything is getting forwarded to. 

I hope this can be accomplished...   Ahh! I need help! :)

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