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Random image / video in article


Is it possible to add feature which is a basic function implemented in competetive software like MS,UD,Senuke,etc.?
I think about something like %randimage% and %randvideo%. Many of customers will be happy with that.

I know I can achieve that by manually created file with images/videos URLs but it is unnecessary impediment...

If you worried about customers who will break the law - you can simply add right statement in GSA licence and that will be all.
GSA is used by a lot of people to make a spam which is prohibited too and that's not a reason to close the GSA project!


  • SvenSven
    next version has macros %random_image% and %random_video%
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @sven - %random_image% - where does it get these images from? Can we set a filepath or folder with images in it?
  • SvenSven
    It does a search on various images sites. You can cofigure everything in an ini file.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    Are these images keyword related? Just trying to get a better understanding of this feature as am not really a coder so struggle to understand the .ini files. 
  • SvenSven
    yes they are keyword related.
  • when you say keyword related is it related to the anchor text or keywords being used to search for additional sites to post to?

    and how random is the pic that is choosen, since the anchor text may be the same many many times, if its the anchor text used.
  • SvenSven
    Its actually related to the TAG where you have an option to either use the keyword or anchor text for tags. The image chosen is the one returned by the image search engines by using that TAG.
  • so the same exact image is always choosen if the TAG is the same. perhaps this can be varied a bit?
  • SvenSven
    No! A search on image search engines returns more than one reply. And there are many search engines added for images so it takes a random from all of them and after a while it removes all search replies and does a new search so new images might return.
  • %random_video% doesn't seem to work for me anymore - any changes to it?

    It just display as %random_video% in the article
  • SvenSven
    will check it.
  • SvenSven
  • spam may be unethical or violating sites-rules or sites' TOS
    however spam comments etc violate NO international criminal law to the best of my knowledge.


    hotlinking ALWAYS is a crime in all signatory countries of international copyright protection agreement (Berne convention)
    see official signatory country list

    if your HOST / SERVER / VPS or address of your business (living address) is in one of the above listed signatories of the Berne convention, then you are subject to criminal prosecution by law. In addition you most likely violate your HOST TOS and you surely violate G adsense TOS, Y advertiser network TOS and any similar advertising network TOS.

    While within EU legal space (Germany for example) you would first get a "cease and desist" letter (Unterlassungsklage) together with a few ten thousand EUROs fine for offering such illegal services OR for practicing such illegal activities ...
    in USA the procedure starts in the Millions of US dollars up with closure of your host, and many other side effects.

    In simple words:
    You practice for your site or a customer such copyright violation, your financial life is OVER. In case you do it for a customer project, you also may be subject to civil processes and your nightmare may go on and on ...

    There is absolutely NO legal way to EVER use such a random hotlink feature AT ALL.

    Hence OFFERING of such a feature ALWAYS and ONLY is used for violation of copyrights and may in itself constitute a crime and a person / organization or corporation including such service may in fact be considered an accomplice to crimes or may violate hosting TOS if hosted in USA or on European (EEC) servers / hosting accounts.

    Smart pepole may do whatever is best for ALL - always in a legal way - gray, white or whatever - but always LEGAL.

    there is a clear distinction between international law and ethics.between violation of common sense human ethics (spam) and offense of international criminal law

    IMO SER offers lots of most valuable unique features to promote a site using legal methods
    a random image included from your desktop folder just as we have it for the avatar - for images you OWN all rights, is a legal clean option to copyright infringement.
  • Well, obviously you shouldn't use copyright images on your money site. But as SER only creates backlinks behind (anony.) proxies, I'd say you'd be fine with using the random images feature.

  • SvenSven
    @hans51 is linking an image with leaving a tag of where it was found + the author really illegal? These images have been added to e.g. flicker or other platforms where SER searches and it leaves all the information it could get to it in the title tag of the image. Same for videos. I also don't see a problem in creating a hotlink to another website, especially if the word it links to is directly related to that website. Any clarification is helpful for me as well.
  • hotlinking always copyright violation
    even pic sites such as flickr may have NON-public domain pics

    until a particular pic is declared "public domain" by its creator,
    ALL content by default is copyright protected,
    all texts, alll pics, all graphical art work, all videos, all GIFs, etc, online and printed or sound.

    several yrs ago there once was a VERY large global leading IT company having a blog space where hotlinking was common and massive. a few emails later that HUGE mega company  changed entire domain system and much more. result NOW = zero hotlinking. for that company it would have been a simple BILLION dollar question and the company's legal advisers apparently noticed that in time.

    a LINK with or w/o anchor text to any site is legal,
    hotlinking a picture that then appears on a NON-owner site is illegal = copyright violation

    by definition
    hotlinking is the act of showing/inserting a picture hosted on a website owned by someone else into any other website

    there is no "hotlinkiing" of text(anchor text) - that is a simple LINK to any site

  • edited August 2013
    but wouldn't google be in violation of copyright with all their images?

  • NO - google images on image search are a SERVICE for private image searches
    = a service to image creators / photographers
    site OWNER allow indexing of images by allowing G media bot to visit their sites = to have images or wallpapers indexed and to be found by private users for personal offliine use

    you like a picture or drawing = you contact its creator and as for permission to  use and make proper license payment for use

    ALL such images are stored on G for private NON-www NON-printing use only
    but for any other use = educate yourself about general copyright law YOUR country has most likely signed as well

    please if still questioning - ask YOUR lawyer/attorney

    if Google however hotlinks or allows or facilitates hotlinking images into Google Inc owned blogspot sites, then G is in violation of copyright law (and of bandwidth theft as well) as well as the blogspot blog-user/owner
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