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Hangs to Verification Bug Seems to Have Returned in 6.17?


I am running 6.17 and after running for about 30 mins it is crashing again like it is stuck in verification.  This was happening in an earlier version a few months ago but had been fixed.  Anyone else getting it or ideas on how to resolve?


  • yes i am agree with you..same problem here...i am going to post the screenshot..

  • there is aproblem in both , Starting up the prooject and verifiying the propject..i have to close manually an start the GSA again..also its freeze the Captcha Breaker..
  • guys i have found the solution,..Captcha Breaker is creating the issue..just restart the Captcha Breaker and it will be solved...but still i want to make sure and let you knoe..
  • I have restarted captcha breaker and it still happens.  Sometimes it runs longer than others before the crash.

  • i was facing this problem from last 2 days but when today i restarted the CB its started working perfectly..
  • the main cuase is that when some Unknown Captcha come to solve at CB its freeze and increase the solving time and some time its hang on solving so all these things happen..

    Right now current solving time of captcha is 0.40sec and you know guys its taking long time ..generally it solved captcah in 0.04- 0.10 sec but this is the problem with CB.
  • I am just confirming that because of CB this problem is creating...when i restart this CB everything goes please solve this things...
  • Getting this as well. :(

  • Hunar  just restart the CB and you will solve it...
  • Keeps coming back for me though. :/  Every few hours.
  • It's kinda random. Every time something is hanging I restart my VPS  :D
  • i thought i was the only one!

    not just verifying, submitting also super slooowww... the strange thing is, i have other copies of GSA running on the same version and settings, it works just fine! @-)
  • edited June 2013
    Still crashing on v6.18 of SER and v1.97 of CB.   It is random, ran for a good 6+ hours this time before hanging.
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