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[REQUEST] Option to select to use paid captcha or not for campaign

edited September 2012 in Feature Requests

Every body know that GSA can create a multi tier campaign, example :


For me that create so many campaign around 32 campaign and have to create 32 Tier1 backlink campaign to my verify link to create a link juice, it makes me have to paid for the captcha solving. That's why i buy another vps and use only Captcha Sniper X for this task. But there is a problem, cause i have to spend so many time to copy from vps1 the verify link to my vps2 just for backlink it. So it will be great if GSA can add the feature to use paid captcha or not in the campaign options.

example for above image :
Site-DirectoriesSubmission - this campaign use captcha sniper and shaniBPO
  ->Site-DirectoriesSubmission-tier2 - this campaign use only captcha sniper as captcha solver ( i know this will reduce the backlink amount but hey.. this is for indexing the tier1 link only so we not suppose to spend huge amount of money in this... right??? )

By doing this it will reduce our captcha cost and maximize the GSA feature to create backlink to tier1 link.

I hope i explain it clearly, any additional suggestion about this feature will be great...



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