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Verfied URLs of Another Project Question

@Sven @Ron

Is it possible to use verified URLs of another project for two instances? For ex: T2 links pointing at T1, but then I like to run another T1 project for all inner pages on my site and throw a couple links at each one. Rather than setting up another project, it would be nice to have T2 point at two different projects.



  • SvenSven
    You can point a tier project two more than one main project.
  • @Sven,

    I realized that after I posted (actually have a project running that way) sorry about that!

  • @Sven

    Here's the problem I'm encountering. If I want T2 to point at my T1 project for inner URLs, and add T1 URL's that I built manually, it doesn't allow it. As soon as I check use verified URLs from another project, it disables the option to input my own URLs. Could you add this function, or is there a way to point T2 at verified T1 URLs and add my own manual built T1 URLs as well?

  • +1 @sven, I would also find this useful for T1 links built outside of GSA SER.
  • SvenSven
    Just import the URLs into T1 by right clicking ont he project->show verified urls->import verified urls.
  • @sven, yes that would work but if your T1 links are constantly being built you would need to do this daily. With lots of projects this will be time consuming.
  • SvenSven
    Don't see whats different in importing them there as importing them in the T2.
  • @Sven What if you build all of your homepage T1 links manually, and just inner page T1s with GSA. So you'd only have a project for Inner Page T1s then you import your manual T1s into T2 and just point T2 at T1 inner pages...
  • @Sven is it possible / can it be added if it isn't?
  • SvenSven
    No it's not possible. Though I still don't get it. If you have manual URLs created, make a project and call it whatever you want and impor them there into the project without using the tier option for it.
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