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[Tut]: How to create content in languages other than English - for 0 $$

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im a user of Kontent Machine, but since im from germany and rank for german Keywords, I like to mix in some German articles. Many people ask for a german, spanish, french version of KM/ACW etc, but i dont think thats necessary.

I always created my german articles in a very - lets say laborious - way. ( {word1fromverblist|word1fromnounlist|...} until i had 500-600 words. Into the spintax I always put full stops, commas, exclamation marks etc. to make it look like a real text to google. I always put in LSI-words with ~5% to tell google how important my text is in regards to the topic ...

Of course the texts make absolutely no sense, but that is true even for KM which i dont use because of it's quality articles, but because of its high speed and compatibility.

Now im doing my articles in a different way that i want to share. I think it is very useful, at least for your lower tiers, but to be honest im doing this for my T1 too. (call me stupid, but im ranking even after P2.0 with the sites where i used this "tactic" on. The articles are totally unreadable but very unique and relevant...)

How to create SEO content without investing a dime:

- I go into the internet and copy 10 random articles that are related to my Main-KW (e.g. wikipedia) in the language i wish and put them in a word-document. This is around 5000 words then.
- I use Market Samurai free trial to find around 100 similar words for my main-KW (5%) and put that into the wordfile too. I know i dont really need MS, but thats how i do it.
- I make a table out of this 5100 word article with only 1 column. I tell Word to replace every "Space" with a new column.
- I copy that thing into a plain textfile.
- That way i have 5100 words in one column, some of them have a full stop, some have a comma, some have exclamation marks behind them etc.
- I use the #file_links (thanks sven) macro to make 5*100 words (or 80,95,75 etc if youre paranoid) and put paragraphs between it.
- That way i have an article that is highly relevant to my topic, has a good mix of verbs, nouns, etc, has full stops and commas in it. And did i mention it is 99.9999% unique?
- The tricky part is to put your link into it. I didnt find a real solution for this, so what im doing is a workaround. between the paragraphs i put spintax like {%link%|||} (<- that way you get a link with a chance of 25%). I put that spintax between each paragraph. That way i get 1 "contextual" link on average per article (in a random paragraph) and some will go to the bottom. if you find a better solution for that link-thing, you're welcome.

Of course the text hardly makes sense, but if google developes an artificial intelligence that can read and comprehend text, we will go to hell anyways ;)

I don't recommend to use this on longterm-projects of course. But if youre using SER, you should know what you're doing anyways.

Best Regards and have fun ;)

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