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Just saw in changelog the support of LinkAssistant and it's SO GREAT !

When i enable it, i can't run the software due to hostfile.
Maybe you should proxy request and send back to linkassistant for license verification so we can maybe keep it enable while license check still work.

Thanks for this feature !

Is there a way to say linkassistant captcha request go to a specific captcha service.
On the same computer i have rank tracker and Gsa search indexer. I want use expensive captcha only for link assistance.



  • Just a quick report, got it working like a charm with expertdecoder as service (100% success)

    Now maybe GCB can improve the cool php captcha (maybe difficult ?)

    feature for select captcha service per emulation service would be great and will let me choose paid captcha for linkassistant service

    Feature could be just check box per emulation service configuration (rather than global configuration)

    Exemple :
    Deathbycaptch : use GCB
    Decapcher : use GCB + Secondary
    Linkassitance : Use seconday

    Hope that's enough clear
  • SvenSven

    As you might have figured, CB is already forwarding any none captcha related queries to the original server. Just make sure you start CB after LinkAssistant to not get the "host modified message".

    For your options, even though it sounds useful in your case I don't think this will make it to a new version. The reason is simple, you can use the popup menu for each captcha type to force the redirection to the captcha service and in the end it is a captcha software which should not only work as a proxy :-/

  • I am having a hell of a time to get this working with Linkassistant products. Could you please tell me exactly how I have to have this set up for those captchas? 

    I'm starting it afterwards, it's just not even trying to solve any of their captchas.
  • SvenSven

    1. start your linkassist product

    2. start cb, turn linkassist silumation on

    3. mouse over that CB option to get a clue what you have to enter as api key in your link assist product

    4. test in link assist

    5. maybe set some captchas to get solved by other captcha services like de-captcha since CB should be used as a proxy here and not let it solve them...reason is that most link assist captchas are hard to solve.

  • Thanks a ton, it was the captcha key part that I was missing. Yeah, as a proxy makes total sense. Their captchas are just so damn expensive.

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