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GSA not posting any backlinks

edited September 2012 in Bugs
i have run the GSA 4.28 for the whole day,but i got just 2 backlinks and after the update i have run GSA 4.29 but i notice that GSA not posting any backlinks,to be more clear,here is the log

can anyone please help regarding this issue.

and here is the pic of gsa



  • yeah tell me about it, I have expressed this on the forum already and so far no answer...
  • SvenSven
    You seem to get a lot "no engine matches". What are your proxy settings?
  • I'm getting the same error, loads of 'no engine matches' working fine up untill a few updates ago.
    Won't even post blog comments on new fresh projects.
    Proxies have been tested and working 100%
  • sorry my proxies doesn't seems to be working...
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