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How to (only) COLLECT or SCRAPE the blog links and DO NOT POST to them?

I think is a simple answer but i canot fint it:

I need only to collect in a file the blogs/target url I need to post or comment and after that i need to post to them manualy. A sort of scrape first and manualy post after that.

I need this because in my country ( not english) very hard i find valuable links and forums on my niche and i need to read them and to post to them manualy for a full benefit of a link.
Thank you regards,


  • SvenSven
    Options->Advanced->Tools->Search Online...->enter your keywords + enable "save to custom file".
  • Thank you,
    Untill now i use this settings but the GSA still post or comments on the links. I i do not want to post coments on them because i need to post them manualy.
    Thank you Swen
  • SvenSven
    If you want to control what it submits, use "Custom Mode" in project option. You are queried to enter the comment before submission.
  • Thank you I know that, but usualy i sleep when GSA is working, or I do another jobs at my office :D
    To expect to enter manualy those comments are time consuming because i  must stay for hours in front of my monitor to see if GSA foing anothr good link and post to it.
     So i wonder if is possible for gsa only to scrape links and to collect them in a file. ....Next day in front of a tea cup i will sort them ALL  and post them...
    Something similar I do for moment with scrapebox.

  • SvenSven
    And thats exactly what you can do. 1. Grap new targets as said in my 1st post, later import the URLs into the project starting to submit with custom mode on.
  • Ok , so i understand that i need to ignore the popup window it appers to comment on it, and the link is saved in the file ( but the comment not posted)
    Thank you  Sven
    I will try. Have a nice day.
  • SvenSven
    No, the link is first collected by the "Search Online Tool" and saved to a file which you later import to a project.
  • Thank you ,
    I now understand the method,
    thank you again
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