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Generic anchor texts for Different Languages

It would be nice to have the option to specify a different generic_anchor_text - file depending on the project language.
Then it will be easier to handle projects in different languages.


Same for insertion of random urls which could be specified project specific:


P.S.  the "or File" in the images above should be replaced with just "File". As default the field value would then be "C:\Program Files (x86)\GSA Search Engine Ranker\Engines\generic_anchor_text.dat".    When clicking on edit the already implemented popup window would open to edit the specified file.


  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    Excellent idea!
  • SvenSven

    Please abuse one of the other anchor types for your generic once and disable the generic one.

    For the random URLs simply add yours to the file and they are used as well.

  • 1) ok, thats a possible solution.
    2) for the "random urls"... if i edit the file "generic_urls.dat" i cannot make it project specific, right? the idea was to add to the article random "topic related" urls within the project niche, which are more related than the big players g, wikipedia, yahoo answers, etc...

    i just thought it would be very easy to implement.
  • SvenSven

    1) use e.g. branding anchor and put {generic1|generic2|...} in that + disable generic anchor.

    2) It is not easy to implant as generic anchors are engine specific. Some use a name instead of the anchor, some use "click here" or alike.

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