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User Defined Selection Sets For Project Tiers

edited June 2013 in Feature Requests
The tool for user defined sets for engines in campaigns is what this is modelled on.

Ideally I would like to be able to right click and choose my own selection sets like that for projects.

At the moment the functionality offered by the selection options is limited and if I had my own selection sets then daily tasks would be even more minimal across many campaigns.

The idea being this...

Using the control key and a mouse you click on each of the projects in your set to highlight... right clicking over one opens the pop up dialogue which then has User Selections > (branching from that it will have a list of user selections and 'New') .

Choosing an existing set will instantly highlight all those tiers in that selection set so you can then change them using the usual right click tools.

Creating a new set will save those selected into a set named by the user.

I think this would be a useful addition as I for one often find I am clicking through to find put sets of tiers together for different tasks like checking links, manual verifications and backups of specific tiers etc.


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