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Option To Verify +X days old

edited June 2013 in Feature Requests
Would be really cool for tiered link building if I could NOT have links show 
up in verified list for other tiers to pull from until a link has been alive for X days.

Maybe an optional checkbox or whatnot.

something like.....

add link to verified list ONLY after X days verified alive

Seems like this could really cut down on the issue of building links to dead links.

Possible? Bad idea, good idea?

I realize I could just set verify to 5 days, but on my first tiers I would 
like to have it verify every 30 minutes or even less so I don't risk making way to many
links, However, I don't really want these links fed to the lower tiers until they have aged a bit.

This would let me have much more control with less chance of building to dead links.

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