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Send to Captcha Service on a per Project basis

Is it possible to send captchas to a Captcha Service only for nominated projects.

For example on my T1 I send some captchas (by right-clicking them in the CB window and selecting toggle) to a captcha service. I do this to get a better success rate on my T1 contextuals as many of these use hard to solve catchas. To do this I must only run my T1 projects with all other tiers set to inactive. If the other tiers are not set to inactive they also send these captchas to the service, and quickly eat up the $.

When my T1 run is finished I must them un-toggle the captchas that were going to the captcha service, Set the T1 projects to inactive, Set the remaining lower tiers to Active and start the run.

This gets a bit hard to manage when there are lots of projects involved, 30 T1 and 150 lower tiers.


I hope this all makes sense.


  • SvenSven
    you can do that already. click on the label "Ask service/user to fill captchas". You can set it to different levels like service1 and or 2 and or user or nothing.
  • Thanks @sven, I have that set already. What I was wanting to do is send T1 recaptcha to Captcha Service, yet at the same time send T2 & T3 recaptcha to Captcha Breaker.

    The only way I found I could achieve this is to run T1 at different times to T2.

    T1 with this setting:


    And T2, T3 with this setting:


    Have I got this wrong?
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    You could just set your general options like this:


    For your T1 project you would set it like this:


    Set your T2 and T3 to this:


    Your T1 project will use your first service (Deathbycaptcha) and your T2/T3 will use your second service (Captcha Breaker)
  • @s4nt0s That is very close to what I am looking for, though won't all T1 be sent to the Captcha Service (Deathbycaptcha) in this case? I only wanted to send T1 difficult captchas to captcha service, those marked like this in CB:


    All other captchas not marked as above would be processed by CB.
  • @kortezubi

    This is also a feature I am looking for. 

    The settings that @s4nt0s posted are not exactly solving the problem. The issues is that every single captcha will be send to captcha service and they will probably get solved there but it will cost us a lot more money. 

    It is better to first send them to CB and if the captcha is one of those that has solve rate of for example 1% (as Recaptcha) them CB automatically sends them to service for solving. Meanwhile other easier captcha continue to get solved by CB.

  • @gamble4living, that's exactly what I have been getting at.
  • SvenSven
    Than why don't you disable the use of a captcha service in CB and use only 1st and 2nd service in SER? This way you can control what project should use what service or none.
  • edited June 2013
    @sven, Because then I don't get to control what CB processes and what gets passed on to the Captcha Service as per this image:


    I don't want ALL from a single project sent to a Captcha Service, only SOME as per the option in the image.

    For the above option (image) to ever be a consideration the captcha must first be sent to CB, no?

    I don't know if I am explaining myself very well, sorry.
  • Because if 1st service is DBC (for example). All captchas will get sent there. If we are to believe DBC has a 95% solve rate only 5% of the captchas will get send to 2nd service (CB for example). But those 5% will probably be captchas that are hard enough for a human to make mistake while solving them. This means CB will not be any better at it. 

    The point is to solve easy captchas with CB first and then use captcha solving services for hard ones/ones with low solve rate by CB. And do this only for Tier 1 as this is the only Tier where it is worth investing extra money into captcha sovling. The deeper we go into tiers the higher the amount of backlinks goes and the higher the cost of captcha solving will go which is not cost effective. 
  • SvenSven

    So 1st service CB with option to skip every captcha type on a certain solve rate to make sure it is delivered to the second one in SER.

  • edited June 2013
    This is closer to what I am trying to convey:

    With "Hard to Solve" being selected from within CB by:


  • edited June 2013
    @sven, Yes I believe skipping based on solve rate would also work but with less control on the actual type of captchas that are sent on to the captcha service (or second service).

    For example if I only wanted Recaptcha sent to the second service I would specify everything below 26% (or there abouts) to go to the second service. This could include many captchas.

    On the other hand if I could mark specific captchas from within CB like this
    I could tell CB to only send Recaptcha to the second service.
  • SvenSven
    Well there is no other way than the one I described for now and I don't think anything gets added to it to not overcomplicate things on setuip.
  • No worries, thanks to all.
  • Which captchas does the option "Skip Hard To Solve Captchas" in GSA SER actually skip?
  • SvenSven
    recaptcha, mollom and solvemedia
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