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Strange verified url...

edited September 2012 in Need Help
I've started a new project in which the url is a squidoo lens. After some time I got two verified links, but when I manually inspected them I found out that:

1) my page (lens) is not linked although there are other squidoo pages linked in both

2) They both should have been filtered out because either pr too low or too many OBL

I have selected the option "Verified link must have exact URL" to avoid false positives on the domain

How can this be explained?

Sometimes looking at the logs, during verification, I see a message "link already present" or something like that, can it be related to this situation somehow, I mean triggering false positives?

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  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    Yes but that should not happen really. Because once you enable the option to verify exact URL, the program will not take the other root one as verified.


  • SvenSven
    Could be the option to change your URL to a main/root one if you use this, turn that option off.
  • No, that option is greyed out, I think it only activates on tier projects
  • The links are both on Wordpress Directories, maybe that engine accepts only main URL and not inner pages (I've seen the tooltip on the URL definition in the project). My page is, and the link dropped is reported as

    Still don't know how it got past the filters (PR and OBL) though..
  • SvenSven
    The filter doesn't matter if it finds a link on a page, it adds it as verified.
  • So you mean that maybe before posting it checks if link is present and if it detects it than it will show as verified even if never submitted?
    This would prevent placing your link twice.
    So the only problem is that it detected only the domain and not the actual full URL.
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