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Google Captcha prompt idea

I dont know if this possible but, when the proxies are blocked by Google because they think of an automated process, if you manually go to Google in your browser using the same Proxy details, it will have a Captcha prompt. If you enter the Captcha properly then it removes the block. Can you make it @Sven so that these manual Captcha prompts appear in GSA so we can enter them and thus it will unblock the proxy from Google?


  • spunko2010spunko2010 Isle of Man
    PS: it does appear not all proxies have this option. Sometimes Google just say basically "PISS OFF".
  • SvenSven
    This would require it to analyze the search replies further and configure special things for google. This is not planned as everything configured now is done by se.dat file. I don't want to break that system here.
  • there are some pros and cons...
    first: it will be reasonable solution only for users with private proxies, because on shared proxies it would be pointless to waste money on unblocking proxies which will get blocked in seconds by someone else sharing your proxy

    second: I wrote "waste money" because that captcha probably could be solved only by third party services like DBC

    third: this functionality would be awesome! :D
  • ohthis was my answer to a proxy question in another thread, i believe this is the reason for so many proxy blocks lately...
  • the google captcha prompt appears to get worst these days
    the last 24 hrs I made multiple footprint test searches = first manually then using SER

    with or w/o semi private proxy = there always is a google captcha prompt - usually 2 or even 3 captcha in sequence before showing search results

    then I see many relevant results when checking manually in firefox

    if however doing the very same search using SER I get exactly ZERO results
    from any G TLD

    any solution for G captcha prompt solving would be great

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