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Which priority for each tier?

I just noticed that this whole time every single one of my campaigns has has a priority of Normal (+).

Should I be using different priorities depending on which tier a campaign is... and if so what is the best way to set it up?


  • meh.. just use scheduler
  • I use ++ for T1
    + for T2
    -- for T3

    ,,, If they are all Active
  • T1 +
    T2/3/4 ++
    kitchen sinks - or --
  • Hmm... spunko says ++ for Tier 1 and Charlie says + for Tier 1... why the difference there?
  • lol everyone has different setups, just find what works for you.
  • Well I am trying to understand the priority function so I can figure out what would be best for each tier...
  • I use + for T1 as I want a higher number of T2 pointing into T1 (and more T3 into T2 etc), so if T1 and T2 are competing for threads, I want T2 to get a higher proportion.

    And the - or -- for kitchen sinks is largely because a lot of the platforms in there can build links easily, so even at a low priority volume isn't a problem.
  • edited June 2013
    i think priority function its not a big deal, i everchange it only (++) it gave me no effect compared to other project that used (+) , so now i using (+) only in every tiers, 

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