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Applying Load/Save Engine Function to importing site lists

The recent new function to import target site lists urls to a project via right clicking on the project > import target urls > from site lists  -- is awesome.

However, it is a little tedious to have to check all the ones that you want since there is only the options to select all, select none, or toggle.

Is it possible to add the same function available in projects to Load/Save Engines to the import target urls from site lists? That way we can easily and quickly choose the platforms that we are interested in importing.


  • SvenSven
    Yes I know what you mean but that is not possible the way it is handled now. I have to add a new form for it instead of using my one-line code call. But you are right and this sounds like a useful function. Maybe it is even OK to preselect the engines that have been chosen in the project.
  • Pre-selecting the engines that have been chosen in the project would be fantastic :-)

    95% of the time when I import the target url's that is what I do anyhow - I would be very happy to have that option if nothing else. A nice time saver that would be.
  • SvenSven
    Yes you will have that for next version.
  • Sven - you rock
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