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Configuring lindexed with GSA SER

Kinda new to the indexing API thing, so what would I need to do apart from specifying an API?

Do I need to setup any campaigns on lindexed or the API functionality will do everything automatically?

Also, would it send only verified URLs or all submitted URLs?

Maybe @ron could help (sorry for striking yet again haha).

Thank you.


  • Alright I tried to send T1 and T2 verified links manually and few (100 or so) weren't sent.

    Moreover when does SER sends the link to lindexed? I cannot see any log about SER sending links to lindexed. @Sven maybe you know it?

    Thank you.
  • setup API for lindexed in the general option tab and tick "send v. links to indexer service"+check "other indexers" in the project settings.
  • Got that figured out instantly, thanks @Startrip though. :)

    But have a question, does it send verified links only or all submitted? Is there any specified interval or so? Because I think there's no much links being sent, however, I've just one single project with 3 tiers running.

  • edited June 2013
    i dont watch the log all the time, but sometimes i see "xx links send to lindexed". normally its a number between 10 and 100. So it seems to send them in pretty small intervals.

    SER only sends verified links because it doesnt make sense for submitted.
  • @ron

    Curious if you only send dofollow URLs? Because I'm doing so, just interested if I should also send nofollow too.
  • ronron
    I send everything.
  • @ron Thanks. I assume some high PR URLs still hold some authority despite of them being nofollow, like Opera.
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