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BUG Phantom Links

edited June 2013 in Bugs
I could not figure out why my submission was getting these random links that I had not entered anywhere.

Then it occurred to me it was grabbing my keywords and using them as anchor texts, even though I do 
NOT have that option checked.

Here are some pics
This one is some of these weird anchors that showed
up in my verified links (they are really on the page too)

Here are my anchor settings;

Have I done something wrong?

This seems to me, to be a bug I see no reason why it would be grabbing my keywords for anchors, but it clearly is.

I have determined that this is happening because I have nothing entered into the primary anchor text slot.
However, if I do place a keyword in the slot it will use it quite a bit 30% or so and will not respect the 50% and 50%
Branded and secondary anchor setting I have set up.


  • SvenSven
    No, the keywords are newer added automatically to your project. That happens only if you click the button next input field.
  • edited June 2013
    OK that is what I thought, however if I do not add keywords to the regular anchor field, it will grab them from the keywords, checked or not.

    I've since added some actual keywords to the anchor field and it's no longer doing it.

    It's not a big problem, but before I figured out what was happening I had no idea why the odd anchors were showing up or where they were coming from.

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