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Google Position Tracker

edited September 2012 in Feature Requests

It will be a great ad-don for GSA SER to add google position tracker... it will help us to monitor our positions and also how much we achieve after using our campaigns. Hope you consider it.



  • I'm against this because there are a lot other tools who already cover this (since last week SB too). There are a lot more important feature requests open in my eyes.
  • SB = Scrapebox?   Scrapebox came out with something like that?
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @Bytefaker - please explain "since last week SB too" :-)
  • Wow,  I just had to check  Yes Scrapebox came out with a rank tracker.
  • Yes, there is a premium plugin since the latest release (not free). But serious guys, why not using something like SERP Book ( When you're really into SEO then you need permanent monitoring of the keywords and not just a quick check.
  • Cause I hate, hate monthly fee's..

    Here's an example that drives me nuts.   There's a program out there called Kontent Machine.  (works Perfect with GSA)  Anyhow,  I signed up for 17$ a month  than it went up to 27$ a month now it's 37$ a month..   In 3 Months  I woulda have payed as much for it as I do GSA and GSA is like 93480238402384x better and actually makes me money.

    I just can't justify it anymore.  Unless it can specifically make me money or at least save me money or pay for itself.
  • I took a look at Kontent Machine. For my opinion it's to expensive for what you can get out of it. That was the reason why I cancled the trial.

    I hate monthly fees also (ahrefs for example is a lot more expensive than a rank tracking solutions), but rank tracking is in my opinion very very important when you are into SEO. I tried numerous tools which should provide "exact tracking" but all of them failed over time and are very time consuming. That's the reason why I "outsource" this work to a stable payable service like SERP book (they also provide an API, but I don't think their userbase is big enough that Sven would implement it).
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    I use Market Samurai - been very good so far and it was a once off fee. (I think it was $100), now there is a basic and then if you want more you have a cheap monthly fee. $5 for 100 and $10 for 200. Great value for money. 

    Works very well for me. 

    I am also not a fan of monthly fees...

    Anybody else use market samurai?
  • I've it too and I like it for keyword reasearch on my local market. But for rank tracking it was quiet improper and unstable. Also it needed a lot ressources for rank tracking.

    Till now I never found a better and more stable solution for this than SERP book - but if there is something better (web based, don't want to run another tool for rank tracking...) I'm very open to it.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    MarketSamurai - They fixed the rank tracking module. It updates once per week and you get an email when it's ready. No issues since then. 

    I have noted SERP Book...will look into it when I need some more keywords to rank. 
  • @Hunar do you spin your own content then? I use Article Builder instead of Kontent machine, even though it averages out to about 25$/month or so I think it's worth it based on the sheer amount of time I save.
  • edited September 2012
    @GlobalGoogler: SERP book updates the rankings multiple times a day... Alone this is worth the small fee. I don't track hundreds of keywords but for the important ones it's so useful (especially the custom alerts which are possible to set up). Thanks for the information about MS, didn't used it for a while now.
  • Here's a free option -

    I haven't used it recently but when I tested it a  year or so ago it was a good free option.  The biggest problem I had was it wouldn't tell you if your keyword dropped out of the rankings (I think it only tracks to position 100) and then it would show the previous rank.
  • @Dab: Never heared of this project, but looks really interesting :) I only ask myself if i'ts the work worth (dealing with the proxy stuff). Personaly I play around with the tought to provide my customers rank tracking as service and access the free API of SERP book. ATM it's a little bit limited, but it has potential.
  • @james Yes I spin my own content with the best spinner.   Takes a lot longer  but,  I'd rather do the 10 extra minutes per campaign than plop over 37$ a month for a program that isn't doing much for me except save time.

    The only thing I liked about Kontent Machine so much was that it already had a built in template for GSA.  So you'd jump export the article import the data enter your anchor text and bam done.  Takes all of 1-2 mins. 

    As far as rank Tracking.  The SB one blows seriously, Just as a small test I took 10 Sites i know are on the 1st page  and SB said none of them were.. This was with Proxies and testing without. 

  • Pretty much all my rank tracking is done with home spun software now, but last time i used it, Traffic Travis was about the best free desktop software available.
  • rankerizer is free and works wonderfully :) 
  • @dab Thanks for this: "Here's a free option -"
    I've never heard of it, sounds great
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