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Captcha Breaker & Captcha Sniper are not working together since 6.05 update

I have setup CS as a 1st service and CB as a 2nd service and GSA sending requests only to Captcha Breaker.
I noticed that you have to turn off Captcha Breaker to get GSA send request to Captcha Sniper.
Before 6.05 update everything was fine, CS was getting first than CB second or vice versa, now only one service can be use.

I did test it on two machines, VPS and local PC.

Any advise?


  • SvenSven
    If there has something changed, than on CaptchaSniper. Nothing changed on SER or CB for captchas.
  • I found the problem.
    Somehow the w3svc process (World Wide Web Publishing Service) got started and was using port 80.
    Command [net stop w3svc] helped, all is working perfect.

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