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GSA SER 6.10 stops responding just when starting

After upgrade could not start up my projects.
I'm not using scheduler, have about 40 projects simultaneously running, had no problems before.

With 6.10 it just stops responding right after I press Start button. Waited for few mins, nothing happened, no error window, just stopped working or was processing some infinite loop :D

System has tons of available resources RAM wise, CPU might be bit loaded, but still, previous versions did not had this problem.

There is always one more bug :-)

If anyone else experiencing issues and want to roll back - there is "old" exe file in GSA folder, can simply rename it to current and it will work.


My developer says it's bad to roll out new version on 5days - get tons of work during weekends fixing new bugs :D

Have a great weekend guys!

Andy out!


  • SvenSven
    Maybe it has something to do with your proxies again? How many do you have listed there?
  • edited June 2013
    Nop, just talked with my customers who also use GSA, they report pretty much same problem - if not frozen, then 0 LPM and doing nothing. Reverting back to 6.09 seems to fix everything.

    Proxies are fine, I'm not pushing my box, just 150 threads and 30 proxies and I can peak about 50 Mpbs through them.
  • SvenSven
    please provide screenshots of your proxy setup (options and proxy list).
  • Sent you PM with screenshots
  • I've had a lot of problems with 6.10 being slow too.  I can get my projects running but my Kitchen Sink junk project is running at 10% of what it was doing yesterday with the same exact settings. 
  • SvenSven
    @FatSteve same as others, you have set to only use private proxies, still you have not set any proxy to private. You have to do that in order to not get every download returned as failed.
  • Ok, I've done that, will try update to 6.10 and see if problem is still there.

    backups away! :D
  • edited June 2013
    Ok, it does not freezes. LPM is seriously down though, about 20% of what it used to be. Could be that GSA finally handles proxies and now those are "the weak link"... 
  • SvenSven
    Yes, probably it's just that.
  • spunko2010spunko2010 Isle of Man
    If there is a formula for finding out how many proxies vs. threads to run, that would help in resolving problems I think. I have 15 dedi private proxies and had this set to 150 threads. I lowered it to 120 and performance is way better.
  • My test setup was 10 semi-dedicated for posting and 1000 semi-dedicated (between tens of people I think) for search engines. LPM was 15-20 with 100 threads.

    I switched to 30 semi-dedicated for posting and LPM is 35-45 now with the same 100 threads.
  • spunko2010spunko2010 Isle of Man
    1000 proxies????? How much does that cost ? :o

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