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Can You add the ability to Save Drafts of Projects ?

When I do projects I like to set up everything beforehand, which I cant do with GSA SER. This is a simple feature but I would appreciate it a lot.

Thanks !!


  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    Why can't you just set up the project and not start it?
  • Because I have not created the website or youtbe video at that point. There are also times where I have everything except the article(keyowords,comments,etc.) and I cant save the project.

    This feature would be useful.
  • Just add random values to those fields and save it
  • @system0102 Look obviously you can do that, but why go through that when you can add a simple feature. Excuse me for asking for a feature that every other software has. 

    I am not the only one who has requested this feature. I recomended this to s4ntos on blackhatworld and he said multiple people have asked him about it.

    I just came here and saw that no one had created a discussion for it, so I went ahead and did it.

    In the end, it doesn't affect me a lot not being able to save drafts, but it wouldn't hurt to add it.
  • ronron

    There's certainly nothing wrong with asking. Hundreds and hundreds have asked for a million different features, lol.

    In my mind, I think every time somebody asks for something, @sven looks to answer 3 questions:

    1) The code will get larger - is it worth the effort, and is it worth making the code bigger?

    2) Do other people really want this?

    3) Is it something that really is smart and will it improve the product (and probably should have been there to begin with)?

    The fact that it has not been asked before on this forum might be a sign. Let me explain both sides: 

    I remember when I first started with SER, I thought the same way - why can't I just get this thing started and come back to it. What happened was I filled out everything but the spin articles and summaries, and KM couldn't connect to its server because it was down. So I had to abort and I was pissed. So this is an example of maybe why it's a good idea.

    But then I learned that in order to set up a project quickly, it was smart to do all my research and grunt work up front. Then I would have all my anchors in a text file, all my spins in various text files. Suddenly setting up a project became fast, and not having a draft mechanism actually helped me become organized before I started a project. Instead of having a bunch of unfinished projects, it forced me to get things done.

    Just maybe not having that feature will be a good thing for you.


  • @ron I agree with everything you said. I go through the same thing with WAC, 
    I do find myself getting more done because of the the lack of the feature. I will admit, it is mostly my lazy side that want's this feature.  

    You are right it is probably a good thing.
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