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drip feed can get t to work

I'm trying to drip feed 20 links a day I put 20 in the box click it but it just keeps going

I know there are other threads here I couldn't get a start answer

if you can help me please do



  • SvenSven
    Set it to pause submission on 20 verified a day in project options and maybe set a custom verification time to verify every 10 minutes. This will make sure that the links are not much above your set 20 as noone can really tell when the links go live you will always get a bit more than the set 20.
  • ty sven I didn't no I could do that custom check thing awesome
  • Or the ultra-safe way: calculate how many submissions get verified on average and set it to SUBMIT a given number per day. thats how i do it and that way i get sometimes 7, sometimes 13 links a day, but on average i get my 10 ;)

    Best Regards
  • hey star how do you set it


    20  plus/minus 10    verfications reached in a day     don't click the for url box cause that's for tier 2


    but it goes well past 80


    how do I set a custom time to verify links


    ty =)

  • hey @startrip the links you are getting verified daily are articles, SN or some kind of contextual (article) links?
  • yes for my T1 I mainly use contextual platforms. 
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