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Indicators/Notification for blacklisted emails

edited August 2012 in Feature Requests
I've got the problem that emails are quiet often blacklisted (what I can see primary on stopforumspam). It would be great to have a footer with aditional information like "email xy is blacklisted, use another one".

A better solution would be: Personaly I'm using Gmail to fetch over POP3 my hotmail accounts. It would be perfect, that we can enter a queue of emails and SER automatically checks an email for blacklisting every few hours and if it's blacklisted it uses a new one (which is already configured in Gmail). With this strategy there could be 5 backup emails (limit of Gmail for POP3 fetching).

Atm when I don't manually check the emails for blacklisting I "risk"  that SER "trashes" targets because the email is blacklisted and never try to post to this url again.


  • After thinking about a little bit about this it would be theoretically possible to "cascade" multiple gmails:

    Lets say I've got 13 hotmail email accounts and 3 gmail.

    gmail1 could fetch 5 hotmails.
    gmail2 could fetch 4 hotmails and gmail1.
    gmail3 could fetch 4 hotmails and gmail2.

    It would be possible to have a backup of 13 email accounts with this solution.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    Great idea...I don't go through 30 groups every day and check the email for each to see if it's blacklisted. 

    This would be a great feature...maybe we can get a small feature first, like a popup when an email is blacklisted?
  • I don't think a popup would be a good idea because it "interrups" the whole thing a little bit and people are crying because of the flickering/colors of submission counters. So I don't think people would like this ;)
  • I wrote up a pretty big suggestion for this on the other forum, and was basically told no.  Here it is pasted below:

    Alright s4nt0s, and everybody else, lets talk email!

    I have been thinking a lot about the email issue and I have come up with a suggestion that I think would be a HUGE help in managing this, especially with the amount of projects I have. This is going to be a complete solution to the email issues involving broken/not-working/deleted accounts, blacklisting and updating, and even testing and adding a new one to a project. I hope something like it gets implemented, but who knows, it might be too much.

    Here is how I want it to work, this involves a list of email accounts to be stored by the software.

    1. Keep a database/list of email accounts that I can import (or add to by hand.)

    This should be simple. Its a list of email accounts and server settings. This is storage, none of the ones in this list are currently in use by the software for a project. The window should let me mass edit the list, including deleting and changing server settings. It should also be able to test all the accounts (and I get to choose whether or not it uses proxies for this, it should default to "use proxies".) After a test run I should be able to remove all non-working emails from the list. This feature itself is pretty simple, and most of the code to do various pieces of this already exists (like testing emails.)

    The biggest gain from this is the ability to buy big lists of accounts and import them. This saves a ton of work.

    2. When building or editing a project I should be able to enter in specific settings for the project or choose a random email account from the list.

    I would like to be able to build a project and have email automatically filled in and tested by the click of one button. It would pull from the list of emails from #1. When it pulls one from the list and uses it for the project it should remove it from the list. This will prevent it from being used again and it will keep the list management in #1 much easier, the list code wont need to know anything about which projects have which emails currently.

    3. Per-project settings for the blacklist check, and auto-removal/changing.

    Imagine if the software could check every X minutes/hours/days if the email address is broken (not working) or blacklisted. It could then automatically pull in a new one from the list. If you have this setup and there are no good ones left on the list it could do one of two things. Option one would be for it to stop the project and give you some sort of notice to tell you that you are out of emails. Option two would have it just keep running and do nothing when the list is empty.

    When doing this it should make sure to check the email account for emails it needs to verify/confirm before it changes to the new one. So you dont miss out on any links.

    4. Conclusion

    In a perfect world I could import a few thousand emails and their settings, hopefully with some sort of mass editing for putting in the settings. I would then set my options on my projects and not worry about emails again for months.
  • Thanks for adding this. As you know Anon, big +1 for me. I hadn't the time to write this down as detailed you did. But your solution sounds like a great strategy.

    When I really watch the blacklists, then I've to change every few hours the email. So such a feature would be really helpful.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    My feature was just a rough idea...maybe not a popup but an alert. Almost like an unread message. :-) 
  • i think a great idea would be coloured circles in a column nxt to the verified column. Maybe one for email still working/logging in and another for blacklist notification. Green for ok red for error.. :)
  • I love the idea of being able to import email addresses!
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @Sven -  Is this feature (as per Anon752) likely to be implemented?
  • SvenSven
    This is on the list but not going to get added any time soon as it makes email verification to slow how it is working now. Anyway I am aware of this issue and a solution might come sooner or later. I am not forgetting this.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @Sven - Thanks!
  • Maybe there
    is an email service out there that allows the use of email aliases. This way it
    is possible to use lots of addresses under one account.

    Or is it safe to register a domain by proxy and use this domain for handling
    email. Is this anonymous enough… This I would like to know.

  • ronron
    Go to fiverr and buy 300-500 hotmails for $5. Most of us do this. Otherwise any bad rap points to the owner of the domain/email. The email can only go so far and then gets blacklisted. So your solution needs hundreds/thousands of emails over time. Can't beat the deal on hotmails.
  • @Solidmind - Gmail does and several others as well I believe.
    Mostly the plus and period sign can be used.

    I noticed in SER it is possible to spin your E-mail on the data tab, so {|.} and/or {+||.} can be used between individual letters combined with random names/numbers for different permutations.

    @Sven - Would this give any problems with login scripts when posting?

    If not, a cheap .info with catch-all setting would do the trick as well I suppose. Although a private domain might be easier to trace...

  • I don't know about the periods in the emails. I did not test this. But the plus signs in the emails will not work. I have tested this. The email addresses with the plus sign as well as the base email address are blacklisted. This means that any other email accounts with anything else following the plus sign will be blacklisted automatically.
  • Thanks! 
    I'll give the dots a go soon, to see if that works. Or does anyone else already tried?
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