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Define Tier 1

Let me make it easier for everyone by simply giving what I think a Tier 1 is based on my reading here and perhaps you all can tell me if I'm off.

Most people from what I understand see a Tier 1 as being a decent quality web 2.0 with human readable content and a link to your money site. I get that part... where I'm confused is I suppose the definition of a web 2.0 and how much content goes into a Tier 1 web 2.0. 

I know there are plenty examples in GSA SER under web 2.0, but there are more platforms that fall under web 2.0 than just those blogs listed. Wikis, social bookmarks, RSS feeds, etc. Has everyone just decided that it doesn't look natural to build a bunch of backlinks to anything other than a web 2.0 blog or high quality wiki entry for your tier 1?

And how much effort do you put into making these web 2.0s look legit? i mean if we're talking adding 10 to 20 Tier 1 links per day, I can't imagine everyone is putting out 10 to 20 unique human readable articles per day just to create new web 2.0s. Not to mention my follow up question of how many pages of content do you develop on your Tier 1 web 2.0 blogs before you start linking to them?

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    Tier 1 can be (Blog Post, Articles, Wikis, Web 2.0)... anything where you can post CONTENT with a CONTEXTUAL LINK and it has to be Strong enough to stay for a while (6 month - 1 year) or maybe forever.

    web 2.0 are the best choice because you create a personal blog and that will never be deleted unless you violate the domain TOS.


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    I should clarify, I am using Kontent Machine for Tier 1 articles so I realize that you don't have to buy articles for every web 2.0 blog and its sub pages. I'm just asking if that is the best/only remaining safe method for web 2.0s and how much effort is everyone putting into these 10 and 20 posts per day per project.

    (NOTE: I do however review the kontent machine Tier 1 articles and make them very readable. Some I even write myself.)

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    What you have to understand is, that you can build a pyramid that will stand human moderation (on the platforms or maybe even by google) at least on the first tier, or not. (the first thing is what i call pseudo-whitehat). This also determines if you wanna use web 2.0s or not.

    Make a choice and stick to it. If you purchased KM, you already made a choice imho.. Welcome to the dark side.

    Best Regards
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    I don't know why people say you have to either use Spun or Hand written stuff for T1. Use both! I've got a Google Drive document of about 100 hand written posts, do 1 a day it's easy. For every 1 hand-written I have probably 3 spun.
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    So what is a tier 1?

    Is it a web 2.0 blog only?

    I'm talking platforms specifically here. I think we got too far off in the weeds on the content question. Yes I'm asking how much effort you put into making a tier 1 look legit, but I'm also and more importantly IMO asking what a tier 1 is in terms of platforms.
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