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I have my captcha's set up so that Captcha Sniper (free) is the first choice and Death by Captcha is second and this works fine.

At the moment, Death by Captcha is down so I have tried changing the second service used to Decaptcha. When I do this, I get an error saying

"your host file is modified. this is usually done by Captcha Sniper to redirect captcha queries to its own. Please disable captcha sniper and try again."

I don't get why Death by Captcha works fine when set as the second option after CS but Decaptcha will now work.

Has anyone else got this issue or know what needs changing to resolve it?



  • CS was made to intercept decaptcha requests, as most software has decaptcha support, but few have direct integration with CS.

    It does this by modifying your .hosts file to redirect posts to decaptcha to localhost. As GSA SER does have direct CS integration, this isnt needed. You can try opening captcha sniper, clicking the setting button and deselect the 'use hosts redirect' option. Then close and reopen Captcha sniper.

    This should fix the issue. If it doesnt work then manually edit your hosts file (google it)  to remove any entries with decaptcha in them.
  • Hi M3ownz,

    Thanks for your answer. I will try your suggestion but what I don't understand is why the 3rd party Death by Captcha works fine as the 2nd service in GSA but the 3rd party Decaptcha service errors as detailed above.

    I can't see why one service works and one doesn't??

  • Accepted Answer
    Because the captcha sniper hosts file redirect only redirects requests to the decaptcha website, not deathbycaptcha, or google, or any other website.

    In plain english, a .hosts file says "hey computer, if you get a request for this website, instead show this one"

    This file is edited by captcha sniper to add these lines:

    # ------ Captcha Sniper ------
    # ------ Captcha Sniper ------

    If changing the settings in CS doest fix it, remove these lines yourself

  • M3ownz,

    I'm with you now, that all makes perfect sense. Thanks a lot for your help.

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