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Can GSA DO This? (Question about Tier settings)

Say you are building a campaign with 3 tiers.

T1 ^ 1 link  
T2 ^100 links to each T1
T3 ^100 links to each T2

I know I can easily use the verified links from the previous tier.
What I am not seeing or understanding is the easiest way to 
make build just 100 links to each of the links in the above tier?

Am I missing an easy way to set this up properly and keep it all linear and in proportion to itself?


  • mirenmiren Macedonia
    When you are using the option "Pause the project" after XX number of submission, on the right side check the option "Per URL"
  • Wow I knew that looked right past it... thanks.

    I am still wondering if GSA somehow keeps everything linked together...

    What I mean is this....

    Assume I am building 5000 links a day to T1

    That would be 50,000,000 links a day at T3... Obviously that's not going to happen, so what does happen? Does GSA throttle the 1st tier to keep things in order?

  • It will do it's best, but it isn't going to build 50 million links in a day :D

    TBH tiered link building works best when you are building 10s or perhaps 100s of links to your money site.  Throwing 5k links at a page / site will get it spanked at some point
  • edited June 2013
    Well yeah I know that :) was just making a point.

    Personally I would probably keep the link to MY money site around 20 or less a day.

    Still, that would be 200K a day to the lower tier and it's very unlikely I can obtain that.
    It would seem after a very short time the desired tier structure would fall apart.

    So I take it there is no way to maintain some degree of order between the tiers?

    Normally every time I assume GSA can not do something I am proven wrong :) simply amazing piece of software!

  • SER will do more than 300k submitted per day if you set it up properly - see @LeeG

    If your were doing 10 links at your money site, then you might be better doing 10 links per link?
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne
    edited June 2013

    Someone mention my name

    Im testing some new engines at the mo, hence the junk ones showing

    Thought I would give this kitchen sink lark a blast


  • Yeah good point davbel no reason I could not knock that back to 10 links per, 

    Geeze Mr Lee that is awesome!

    I've been following your other thread where you discuss how you got there. Very good stuff.

  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    A lot of hard work and a lot of testing.

    Spot something and test the idea

    Some will remember the days I thought hitting 50k submissions were good

    The PHPInfo exploits were lethal. 78k in a single day. Had to alter where they are used

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