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Better Tutorials, Better Manual

I hope that someone will take the time to create an easy to understand Manual for GSA Search Engine Ranker. I know I'm not alone so .... I personally would pay for a decent tutorial....


  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @verytech - the forum is your best tutorial. The program updates too often to have a manual. Anyways, what do you want to see in a manual?

    1) How to make money with SEO? (There are many like that)
    2) What does this feature do? (that's all in the forum) 
  • Let me just quote what others think about the lack of tutorials "Finally, in terms of a guide, manual or tutorials, there really isn’t much. There are a few videos that show you the basics of setting up a campaign but they really don’t cover all the options and settings that the software offers. There is also a pdf manual that you can access with the program but it isn’t exactly user friendly. It’s written in an almost scientific tone with long and complicated sentences. It’s good though for figuring out more advanced strategies like using macros for example (you can actually do some pretty cool things with those) but it poorly covers the basics.

    I would like a step by step manual even if that means paying for it.... :-)
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    The information is shared on here

    A lot of us do tweaking and a lot of stats checking to push ser for our own benefit

    Out the box, ser is a powerful tool.

    All boxes have an explanation on them, loads of pop ups that tell you what information to put in the box

    Its by far the easiest and quickest method of Sven keeping the software up to date without wasting half a day rewriting and translating the manual from his native German language

  • Agree with you and I love the software. I do suggest however that someone who is good in tweaking takes the time to create a better tutorial. I doubt I'm the only one willing to pay for it.
  • Some things you just can't pay for.

    Might be time to get your hands dirty.
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    Why would anyone spoon feed you?

    I have seen a lot of members on here, take their time, read through whats been shared and push ser to good results

    I personally have spent months, testing, tweaking and checking stats

    You want all that given to you on a plate?

    Even people I have helped in the past, they either don't have the time to set up ser and make the changes or are just plain bone idle and beyond being lazy to put the effort into setting it up.

    Make the information to easy to gain access to and you can have people killing their own websites

    Create any kind of advanced tutorial (paid or free) and it would soon be shared all over the net

  • verytech, I agree with a manual, but I guess people have an interest to not see a comprehensive manual. Make people do their own research if they want to see success. Those who work hard should see success.

    If we let everything out too easily and everyone does it the same way, then everyone suffers in the end because it's easier for google to find out what we do. Allow people to use it their own way and it's better and leaves fewer traces.

    I've been reading lots of thread and I'm learning the difficult way.
  • You got a good point :-) Thx
  • LeeG  I like your way of thinking and the way you push people to use their brain ( in a planet that stupidity rules).... by the way i found that one "simple" think to change in the Engine files and qua triple my LPM. 

    Now i am on my way to my second million. 

  • i agree with @LeeG . It took me about three months of testing SER, and a lot of frustration. Then it started to fall into place and really kick in for me.

    This is like any other software. There is a learning curve. To waste time writing a manual would mean Sven and team would be writing down to basic users. Basic users should not be using this advanced tool. 

    SER has proven to be a key tool for us in ranking a lot of keywords. But it is not the only tool. Far from it. Use it for its strengths and supplement with other automation. 

    I would rather have GSA keep investing in upgrades than wasting time writing a manual.

    The forum is the best place to learn. Take the time to read through the threads. Everything is here. Read everything @Ron has written. 
  • viking what other tool in your opinion would be a good companion to SER?
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