Export indexed/selected URL's to URL field in project X.

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Could we have this feature on the [Show URLs->Verified] menu: "Export indexed URLs to URL field in project X" and/or "Export selected URL's to URL field in project X." (if you want to focus on boosting anchor text specific links).

Then you tick the boxes for the projects you would like the indexed or selected URLs to be sent to (like the tickbox you get when setting up tiered projects), and SER would build more juice to your indexed or selected links without you having to create separate projects or export to text/importing manually.

Run index check on T1. -> Get 10 indexed URLs. -> Send URL's to T2 URL field. -> T2 now builds links to verified links of T1 (normal), but also an additional set of links to indexed URL's from T1 (new).


  • SvenSven www.GSA-Online.de
    Accepted Answer
    Way to complicated to set up. You can do such things with some clicks though but also too special to make it a new feature in my eyes.
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