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Demo not working ?

edited June 2013 in Need Help
Hi. I am using the demo and clicked like in the picture. add a random site name for test, use proxies an full indexer mode checked.

the pop up demo appear. i close it. soon it stops.

I get only few links. 7 - 20 not more ... with or withour proxies is the same, low results..


- demo is restricted to only few ?
- the deep links option submits to only 4-13 sometimes...not more... are only those or are hundreds ?
- can we drip feed ?

- can we edit the ping list ?


  • SvenSven

    The demo limitations are shown in the popup you get at startup (deep link is for a few sites fromt he once in demo version).

    "Drip feed" is not in it and not wanted. This tool is not build to create backlinks, but to get sites indexed faster.

  • dcndcn
    edited June 2013
    Only 50 submissions
    This pop up window.

    I installed the demo and run it once or twice. I do not use it, oversuse it...

    The screens I show are maybe from the 5th test I did since I installed it... and submitting to only 10 sites from 1400 is ok ? If i buy it will submit to 1400 and not to 10 ? Last time was submitting to 16 :/
  • SvenSven
    What a question :/ Of course in the full version you will be able to submit to all sites in the database and not the once limited in the demo version. Please, some things should have been clear without asking questions like that.
  • dcndcn
    edited June 2013
    Thanks for reply... I thought its a full demo... no problem.

    Well, before you replied I tried to buy yesterday within the same account where I bought GSA SER and GSA CB ... first said "Review of your order required" than "Payment for your order was not confirmed (Share-it order no. 4447832xx)" to try to pay again, select another payment method... i will try again some day maybe shareit will accept it next time... strange, since there are same details for things bought before...I wished though SEO Indexer...
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