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%LINK% Macro Not Closing With Endquote

edited June 2013 in Bugs
Minor little bug here. The %link% macro is not using proper tags. I just noticed this recently, so it must be due to a recent update.

Normal tag should be: a href=""

Currently %link% is creating a href="

...without the endquote "

This is causing many links to not verify and also entire paragraphs to show as links. I'm sure its an easy fix. If someone can tell me which file it is in I'm sure I can edit it.

@Sven My apologies if this has already been mentioned somewhere else, but I did not see it. Please feel free to move it.


  • SvenSven
    strange, do you have a project backup to this? I can't seem to find where this is happening.
  • I think it only shows in the preview but when it posts the links work fine.
  • @Sven Yes, I can get a project backup. How would you like me to send it to you?

    Also, the issue is hard to see. I only noticed it because I will sometimes copy and paste the content GSA spits out into a Wordpress site to check it.

    Everything in the data fields looks fine, but if you hit the "test" button to see the spin, that is when you notice the links created with %link% are not closing with a ". Video and image embeds are still working properly.

    To further test, I just added %link% at the end of each data field (description, about, article, etc.) and hit the "test" button. The only field that it is not working properly in is the "Article" field. All of the others the link is being built properly.

    Try putting %link% in the article data field of one of your projects and hitting the "test" button. Its just 1 little missing endquote after the ".com." See screenshot above.

    Replacing %link% with the %url% %anchor_text% macro works fine also, its just the %link% in the article field that I'm having an issue with.
  • SvenSven
    You are right, there was a bug in the editor when hitting TEST. Just fixed that. However it should not have appeared while submitting.
  • I do think it was actually submitting like that because my article engine type verifications had dropped to nothing. That was how I noticed it in the first place. Other types were verifying fine, but not engines using just the article data.

    Anyway, thank you for fixing it and kudos on the new anchor text changes :)
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