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GSA Best Practice (Part 1 - GSA & Other Services Setup)



  • Using *xxxxxx* is like using wild cards, so if your cat was Shop, it would only match "Shop", but if you used *Shop*, it would match Shop, Shopping, Shopper etc
  • Holy Cow. just found it..well better late than never. Thanks a bunch for this. Sticky all the way.
  • and btw its not case sensitive asked on another thread .. ,)
  • Sorry, late to this thread :)

    Is there an update on the category list on mediafire. That link is dead.

  • Another question (sorry, noob here):

    This tutorial is building directory links at Tier2 level.  That means the url's we are building links to are not home page.  Most directories only accept home page links.  So what is the success factor, specially if we focus on PR3 and above per this tutorial?
  • ronron

    You need to check your verified data vs. your submitted data to determine the best engines for directories.

    I use it on my lower tiers and have a bunch of directory links.

    Obviously this is not a big numbers posting strategy as it is a directory, but it helps get some link diversity in there. 

  • 1st: that is not true: Most directories only accept home page links.
    2nd: which should not accept? maybe human moderated..
  • ronron

    Dude, I can show you thousands of directory links on my lower tiers.

    Maybe I am imagining all my links.

  • Thanks, alex and ron.  Ron, so I guess you are saying just brute-force it, and should get plenty of deep links.  I will give it a shot.

    Now.. could someone please help me with the file for categories (on mediafire but no longer working).

    Thanks! sobi
  • edited March 2013
    @ron said: Dude, I can show you thousands of directory links on my lower tiers.

    Wow i am surprised as well...i thought no directory in the world would ever accept some long URL with your PHPfox blog entry!

    Has anybody this list of search engines? Links are broken, tried to copy/paste directly to browser, still gives an error...

  • I have custom code and have a trick with directories that don't accept deep-links.

    I create subdomains that equate to a deep link (have a mysql lookup table that show the cross-ref) then I present the subdomains to the directories.  Subdomains are fine with link dirs.  Then I do canonical to the real url.
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