6.03 Gets Stuck / Freezes

@Sven happened twice now with 6.03

1st time was running all projects (36) with 200 threads with memory ususage about 1.6Gb - 1.7Gb and this morning when I RDC'd into my server SER had gotten "stuck" at about 02:15.

Tried to close it down and it became unresponsive, so I had to use the task manager after waiting about about 30 mins.

Did a complete reboot of the server and restarted everything except this time used the scheduler with 25 changing every 20 (incidentally, the memory usage was about the same at 1.6Gb) and monitored this AM and everything looked to be OK apart from Submissions seemed to be a lot lower than normal, but I'd guessed this might have been something to do with it running verifications to catch up for the time it was stuck before.

Just RDC'd again and the same thing happened 12:17 - i.e. it just got stuck.  Then at 14:05 it tried to update the black last, bu that is the only activity it's done since 12:17

Tried to close the scheduler, but it became unresponsive with the not responding window showing  and needs to be closed.

Any ideas?


  • Just seen the 6.04 update, so I'll try that and report back if any more issues
  • This has happened to me for the past month or two.
  • 6.05 has run overnight without any issues so far.

    1.6Gb with 36 projects running (without scheduler) on 300 threads
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