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Scheduler & memory usage

I wonder how Scheduler works.
I have about 260 projects (T1, T2 etc) which use over 2 GB when I run SER normally.
As I understand - scheduler should minimize memory usage due to amount of running projects?
So I tried to run about 150 projects (auto-switching every 30 minutes).
After several minutes memory usage was about 1,2 - 1,3 GB. I was looking at Resource Monitor on my VPS - for search_engine_ranker.exe
After 1 hour it was 1,3-1,4 GB and it was growing.
After 2 hours it was about 1,5 GB
Also last night I setup scheduler for all night and in the morning my VPS with 4 GB RAM has problems to run :/

Is this normal? What settings should I use to run SER efficiently ?


  • I'm running 36 projects without the scheduler and it's peaking out at about 1.6Gb - 1.7Gb
  • ronron
    edited June 2013

    That's a lot of projects. I'm at around 120 and feel like I don't have a lot more room without affecting the # of links to each project. It's an individual decision.

    I converted to scheduler just because it involves less babysitting. And RAM management is superior if you use it. I'm always at 1.2 Gb RAM.

    I'm at 10 projects every 20 minutes. So that is 30 projects per hour. With your load, it would take 9 hours to make one pass. So you would get roughly 2.5X coverage of all projects in 24 hours. I get 6X coverage of all my projects because I have a lot less than you.

    My point is that you may not be able to build enough links in a 24 hour day to that number of projects - with just one instance of SER. You might need a second VPS.

  • mmm wonder how many projects runs @leeg and for how long.
  • edited June 2013
    @ron, @davbel How many threads are you running? 

    Last 8 hours I tried 70/20 with 400 threads and it seems to be better than 150/30 ;)
  • ronron
    300 threads. What is 70/20?
  • 70 projects and 20 minutes
    It looks like that this configurations is best for me however sometimes the CPU usage is very high :(
    Ron you have right it affects my # of links, so best solution for now will be optimization to have higher LpM
    Thanks for help!
  • ronron

    Just so you know, adding more projects doesn't = more links.

    I either do 8 or 10 projects per 20 minutes and can get between 100 - 200 LPM. The more projects I add, the slower it goes. It's a sweetspot thing. 

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