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Insert Random Backlinks To Authority Sites

I have another suggestion that will improve GSA SER and make it an ultimate tool for creating backlinks (especially Tier 1). 

Having the option to add a bunch of anchor texts and URLs that are not pointing towards your money site. Why so? Having an article with only 1 or even 2-3 links pointing towards the same domain (your money site) just doesn't look natural.

The way I would use is so:
- Insert bunch of anchors that I know are found in the content that I feed into GSA
- Scrape using Scrapebox or GSA scraper the top 200 Google results by using those anchors
- Insert those URLs into GSA
- Set it to Put randomly between 0 and 2 backlinks in Articles (this works only for contextual backlinks from Article Directories, Web 2.0s, Wiki etc)

So you will end up with an article that has sometimes 1 backlink to your money site, sometimes 1 backlink to moneysite and 2 backlinks to authority site. Yes you lose link juice but in the same time your backlink will be not seen as so spammy. If you use this on all tiers it will be almost untraceable to go from the lowest to the highest tier.

Comment this idea and maybe Sven will implement it in one of the future releases.


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