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Links Indexed?

edited August 2012 in Feature Requests
I tend to split my tiers up into platforms. This provides me with the ability to be more flexible with how many links are directed towards which platform.

To take this level of control one step further how about a link indexing check function? You could then run your links through the indexer and then by way of a check box (only build links to non indexed links) focus upon all links within your projects which are yet to be indexed in G.

In the current climate its all about getting the links you build noticed - if we can focus in on specific links which are not, it will really help give more power to our campaigns.


  • SvenSven
    The problem here is that you need to query G for every link (I guess someone would just search in G for the URL). This is way to much traffic in my eyes as you wast search engine time on it. Means less queries to find more targets.
  • I understand your concerns re resource. For me, this is a manual selection - housekeeping if you like. Each day when you begin your work it would be ideal to have a checkbox for each project to 'verify selected links indexed'. You could then run this against projects or sub sections of projects which would identify unindexed links within each section. You could then select the check box and build links to only non verified links for a spell before returning back to normal operation. As I say, it needs to be a manual selection for those whom care about getting links indexed - users whom don't can simply leave it unchecked.
  • +1 from me for links indexed check
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